There is no denying that stem tissue have revolutionized the medical industry in numerous ways. Every day, head lines such as “ Stem Cell Therapy for Autism Shows Promise ” and “ Revolutionary Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Has Man Running   Again ” grace the news. Amazingly enough, these types of headlines aren’ t just hype. Since stem tissue have the unique ability to develop into other types of cells and tissues, they are successfully utilized to heal the body in unprecedented ways.

Recent Research Regarding Stem Cells’ Impact on the Body

Originate cell research has significantly expanded in past years, since scientists and medical experts seek to uncover the true extent from the power of stem cells to heal the body. This is also true when it comes to musculoskeletal conditions like joint pain. According to biomedical technical engineers at Johns Hopkins University like Jennifer Elisseeff, Ph level. D., “ We’ ve already used adult originate cells to create tissue resembling cartilage…. We think we’ ve come up with a clinically practical way to deliver the cells to the site of the injury, where they can grow to replace injured bone or even cartilage. ”

An additional study, titled “ Current Concepts: The Part of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Management of Leg Osteoarthritis , ” concluded that MSCs have the potential for enhancing function and decreasing inflammation in the joints of pets, which can transfer over into human patients. This type of analysis continues to flourish as experts learn more about the use of stem tissue in the body and the best ways to apply them for recovery.

For example , Samumed, the $12 billion biotech company in San Diego, has elevated $300 million in investment funding, much of which has been dedicated to help people with osteoarthritis regrow cartilage in their knees. The research is currently in phase III trial and is reported to get very promising results that will soon become widely available to the general public. There are hundreds of similar studies currently underway, and each brings stem cell use for musculoskeletal illnesses one step closer to being FDA-approved.

Benefits of Using Stem Cells to Heal your body

There are numerous benefits in order to using stem cell therapy in place of more invasive choices like joint replacement surgery. More than anything else, stem cell therapy is highly sought after because it can reduce pain, increase range of motion, plus accelerate healing in a simple yet effective manner. Originate cells are harvested and then administered to the site associated with injury using a quick injection. The joints and entire body as a whole do not have to endure a difficult recovery period or danger implant rejection. Instead, progress steadily strengthens over the period of weeks and months until the treated area of the entire body feels nearly like new!

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