An anonymous reader clued me in to an interesting evasive tactic apparently being used by a stem cell profiteering outfit in Germany called Elisées Clinic. It seems that they have managed to block access to their website from IP addresses located in Germany, and after checking with a friend in Germany, it seems the site is indeed inaccessible there. For the curious (and any readers in Germany), I am posting some screen grabs from the website below.

Like many such businesses, the clinic has a menu of unsupported treatment claims that includes Alzheimer’s, ALS and autism (and that’s only the “A”s).  

Perhaps this is not so surprising given that the head of their anesthesia and pain department is Aladin Elsisi, whose previous gig was as Chief of Anesthesiology and Assistant Medical Director at X-Cell Center, a stem cell treatment marketing organization that had the unfortunate habit of killing and maiming pediatric patients through expensive and scientifically unjustified “stem cell” surgical procedures. X-Cell was closed by authorities in 2011, although its business model lives on in Switzerland. And apparently now in Bonn as well. Just don’t tell the Polizei – the hard-working docs at Elisées have been working hard to escape their attention.