Many great presentations from three recent conferences were recorded and publicly shared. Here is summary of links.

1. Cells: from Robert Hooke to Cell Therapy
This event was organized by British the Royal Society and took place on October 5-6 in London. Cell Therapy Catapult recorded some talks:
Carl June (Upenn) on progress in CAR T-cell therapies
Sven Kili (GSK) on involvement of GSK in cell/ gene therapies
Bent Jakobsen (Adaptimmune) on cellular immunotherapy of cancer
Philippe Menasché (George Pompidou Hospital) – current state of cardiac cell therapy
Silviu Itescu (Mesoblast) on company’s progress in clinical trials
James Shapiro (Alberta Diabetes Institute) on a progress in human islet transplantation
Anders Lindahl (U of Gothenburg) – history of chondrocytes transplantation

All talks are delivered by pioneers and leaders in their fields! Don’t miss!

2. Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa 2015
This is an annual event, which takes place in California every October. Co-organizer Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, recorder all industry-related talks and shared on their YouTube channel:
Featured Speakers & Panels (11 videos)
Company presentations (62 videos!)
Workshops (4 videos)

I’d highly recommend you to watch panels!

3. 2015 Gladstone Fall Symposium: From Stem Cells to Cures
Gladstone Institute in San Francisco is a magnet for the greatest stem cell scientists. Their Fall Symposium featured 2 speakers: Shinya Yamanaka and Blake Byers. Highly recommended to watch whole video!