Enjoy! A brunch for the brain.

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CBER Movie director Focuses on Flexibility to Advance Regenerative Medicines

Lab-Grown Blood  Stem Cells  Produced at Last

Transplanted  stem cells  become ovum in sterile mice

Liao, et al Figure SECOND

Maryland fund awards $8. 5 million for  stem cell  research

Positively good news from Asterias for CIRM-funded stem cell clinical trial for spinal cord  damage

Sergio Canavero: Will Their Head Transplants Roll?

Century-old tumours offer rare cancer clues


Identification of locks shaft progenitors that create a niche for hair pigmentation  (see Figure 2D above)

Tip110 Deletion Impaired Embryonic and Stem Cell Development Concerning Downregulation of Stem Cell Factors Nanog, Oct4, plus Sox2

Modeling Psychomotor Reifungsverzögerung using ipscs from MCT8-Deficient Patients Indicates a Notable Role for the Blood-Brain Barrier

Elevated FOXG1 and SOX2 in glioblastoma enforces nerve organs stem cell identity through transcriptional control of cell routine and epigenetic regulators

Prc2 facilitates the regulatory topology required for poised enhancer function throughout pluripotent stem cell differentiation

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