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Where is the field of IPS tissues going and how will this impact the overall field associated with stem cell-based regenerative medicine?

Nobel Laureate Shinya Yamanaka, the discoverer  of IPS cells, gave a really interesting recent interview to Nikkei that provides some  fascinating insights into the long term of this exciting technology that is now more than a decade old.

For simplicity I have indicated top highlights through the Yamanaka interview below as bullet points.

  • More IPS cell trials are on track to begin as soon as 2018 in Japan.
  • Yamanaka declared that trials for Parkinson’ s, Spinal Cord Injury, and Heart problems are amongst the planned IPS cell trials in The japanese.
  • There are also  plans for clinical research on cancer and kidney disease, perhaps further in the future such as 2019-2020?
  • Immune rejection and malignancy risks must still be evaluated, he said.
  • There are likely to be important differences in the new studies versus use within the eye.
  • CiRA has started working with Takara on QC of IPS cells and products.
  • Their main  focus for all these trials nevertheless seems on allogeneic use from IPS cell banking institutions.

It will be interesting to see how tests in Japan develop versus those in other countries such as within the US where I know of planned autologous IPS cellular clinic efforts.

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