The Naples News has published dramatic new developments in the case surrounding Zannos Grekos, who has been accused by the Florida state medical board of injecting an elderly and very ill patient with stem cells in his Bonita Springs, FL clinic, despite an emergency restriction specifically prohibiting this activity that was placed on his medical license last year. In the March 19 article, the newspaper reveals that a second Lee County physician, Konstantine K. Yankopolus of Fort Myers, has also had an emergency restriction placed on his license for assisting Grekos in a botched stem cell bamboozle that ended up killing the 77-year-old man, who had serious lung disease. Yankopolus told an NBC news reporter that he considered his action in assisting Grekos in the procedure to be “humanitarian.” I have not been able to find how much the patient was charged for this particular unscientific treatment, but Regenocyte has typically charged $65,000
Yankopolus unrepentant

Even more interestingly, according to the article, the medical board has alleged that Yankopolus “entered a false progress note in (the patient’s) chart falsely indicating that no stem cell preparation was infused.” This is not the first time that such allegations have been made following a death by lethal injection at the Grekos clinic. Earlier this year, the widower of a woman who died days after Grekos attempted to treat neurological symptoms with an improbable bolus of something (we really don’t know what he is injecting) into her carotid artery, raised doubts about the authenticity of a signature on an informed consent form that Grekos produced as evidence. No decisions have been reached in either case, but I would forgive anyone who told me they saw a pattern of criminal negligence and cavalier hubris unfolding here.