The prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, announces Alan Mackay-Sim because the 2017 Australian of the Year for his work with originate cells and the regeneration of the nervous system. ‘ I really hope that it stimulates people to think about science, stimulates young people to find yourself in science, ’ Mackay-Sim says after receiving the honor. ‘ It’ s a great thing for biomedical technology particularly; neuroscience, stem cell science. ’ Mackay-Sim states he wants to work towards a long-term, bipartisan plan for technology funding in Australia. ‘ All the way round the world, budgets are getting out of medical science, ’ he says. ‘ I don’ t want to be party political about it but I want to discuss the long-term view and the long-term requirements of technology. ’

Australian of the Year named as biomedical scientist Joe Mackay-Sim