Post updated on June 30, 2015

Annual meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) is one of the most important events in stem cell field. Whole week I was hunting for the news from ISSCR 2015. Unfortunately, the coverage was not as good as in previous years (for example look at 2013). Nevertheless, I’ve learned a bit from discussions on a twitter – thanks to few individuals, who were tweeting and blogging! Here is roundup of the most important stem cell conference of the year and my own impressions of “hungry for info” observer.

Blogs coverage
Young stem cell researcher Heather Main debuted as a blogger on Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blog. She wrote 3 great posts, covering (mostly) plenary talks at ISSCR:
Overview of Yamanaka Talk at #ISSCR2015
Carla Kim & Hans Clevers talks on organoids at #ISSCR2015
Review of Biotech/Translational Talks #ISSCR2015
I hope Heather will continue to blog! I’d expect some #ISSCR2015 follow-up posts from Paul Knoepfler in next few days (so this post will be updated!)

My favorite blogger David Kent covers ISSCR on the Signals blog. One post so far, but more is coming on Monday!
ISSCR 2015 Stockholm Day 1: RM – learn from nature’s masters…
ISSCR 2015 Stockholm, Day 2: The air we breathe – stem cells care too

msemporda blog: ISSCR 2015 series of posts

That’s all from blogs that I was able to find. Not much :(

The trend did no change – very few individuals with valuable tweets and a lot of valueless noise from companies and corporate accounts. No progress here. No unpublished information at all. From all tweet, which you can read via hashtag #ISSCR2015, I’d like to recommend a few individuals, who did a great job:

follow them!

Clinical updates from companies
A few stem cell companies released updated clinical trials information at ISSCR 2015. First of all, I’d like to highlight Ocata –
Ocata Therapeutics PR
They presented results of treatment of 31 patients with longest follow-up 4 years and … all of them had positive response! 100%! Even thought it was subjective, I’m blown away by this announcement!

The next is StemCells Inc PR. Unfortunately no numbers here, but not all patients wit AMD improved, many were just stable. You can compare 2 abstracts here.

Fluidigm launched new “magic device” – Callisto™. Read more –
New tech tool speeds up stem cell research
Fluidigm Revolutionizes In Vitro Modeling for Stem Cell Researchers and Cell Biologists
Well, not exactly the first launch… and not only for stem cell research…

ReproCELL Group launches a new self-replicative RNA reprogramming kit
Gibco launched Essential 8 Flex Medium for pluripotent stem cells –
New Pluripotent Stem Cell Media Eliminates Need for Daily Feeding
Lonza launched 3 new research products – L7™ Reprogramming and Culture System/ “CytoSMART™ Live Cell Imaging System and “RAFT™: A Bio-Mimetic 3D Culture Method for PSC Hepatocyte

ISSCR announced a draft of new Guidelines for Stem Cell Science and Clinical Translation and waiting for your comments!
New OA journal was just announced by NPG (not on ISSCR but for ISSCR crowd) – npj Regenerative Medicine. Three letters at the beginning of the journal’s title makes it different from existent Regenerative Medicine, but it sounds funny to me.

That’s all folks! Not much, but hope to get more updates in the next few days. Please feel free to add any links and news that I’ve missed!