Stem Cell Treatment May Hold the Crucial

In an exciting advancement in the field of stem cell research, scientists have developed an innovative gadget that uses the patient’ s own stem tissues to treat burns and heal the skin without scarring. This is actually the first time stem cells have been used to directly heal plus mend burned skin. The technique has far-reaching ramifications for victims of severe burns who typically encounter months of pain and end up with permanent disfigurement. The unit is being used in experimental trials, but early results are appealing.

Spray-On Skin: Dealing with Burns without Scarring

Traditionally, burns are treated by transplanting healthy epidermis into the damaged area through a procedure called skin grafting. This technique is painful and is associated with restricted movement since the transplanted skin can cover only a limited area of burnt skin.

The come cell procedure developed by German researcher Dr . Jorg Gerlach hopes to change all this. The new technique involves removal of a little (postage stamp sized) piece of healthy skin from the individual. A liquid suspension containing stem cells is created using this piece of the patient’ s skin. The suspension is usually then sprayed onto the burned skin in the form of an excellent mist.

The procedure was initially tested on a Pennsylvania State trooper with third-degree can burn. Doctors were amazed at the results. When bandages were eliminated just three days later, his wounds were recovery beautifully and the risk of infection and scarring has been low.

Stem Cellular Treatment for Burns: Why It Works

Researchers believe the method works because the “ spray-on skin” spreads thousands of regenerative foci across the burnt area. Without the stem cell treatment, burns heal in the edge towards the inside, a process that is both painful plus lengthy. The new stem cell treatment not only reduces recovery time, but also minimizes complications and produces more pleasing results. The results of the study have been published in Can burn, a scientific journal.

SkinGun: A User-Friendly Device Awaiting FDA Approval

After success in dozens of burn victims in the usa and Germany, the technology has been developed by RenovaCare right into an user-friendly device called the SkinGun. The developer hopes doctors will soon be able to use the device in the clinical environment after studies are completed and FDA approval is usually obtained. It is quite possible that in the future the SkinGun can be the standard of care for burn victims.

There are limitations to the technology, however , in fact it is not suitable for treating damage to subcutaneous tissue (muscle plus tissue under the skin). Nonetheless, stem cell researchers concur that the SkinGun has vast potential.

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