The Naple News reports that Zannos Grekos is refusing to go gentle into the night of licensing limbo. After being issued an emergency restriction of his license to practice medicine following the death of a 69-year-old patient last month, he is now seeking to convince the Florida Board of Medicine that they’ve got it all wrong. That the practice in question, in which he apparently injected a bolus of the patient’s own bone marrow cells into her carotid, is “done all the time in the United States.” 

Grekos still smiling

It is certainly true that autologous bone marrow transplants have been shown to work in repopulating the blood and immune systems following cancer treatments, and indeed are now standard of care for a limited range of diseases, such as Hodgkin’s disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and various blood cancers. But Grekos has been claiming a very different set of uses for his cells, such as the ability to repair damaged heart and lung tissue, and doing so without having published a single research article or even case study on PubMed. His absurdist claims are unlikely to persuade the medical board, but they have proven compelling enough to separate thousands of heart failure patients from their savings, and at least one elderly patient from her life. 

Grekos’ woes will no doubt be compounded by the recent announcement that bogus stem cell clinics are no longer welcome in the Dominican Republic, which is where he had been sending his victims patients after doing a brief understudy at the Theravitae stem cell clinic in Thailand. 

If things keep going in this direction, he may have to go back to running his Greek restaurants full time.