Daiichi Sankyo said today it will close its Japanese analysis subsidiary Asubio Pharma in the pharma giant’ s 2nd shutdown of an overseas R& D operation in as numerous months.

Daiichi Sankyo said it will shift Asubio’ h approximately 150 employees and their work to other organizations in Japan as part of a continued reorganization of its R& D operations.

Asubio focuses primarily on psychiatric and neurological illnesses, immune and inflammatory diseases, and regenerative medicine. The particular subsidiary carries out research as a drug discovery venture inside Daiichi Sankyo Group.

The closing will occur right at the end of March 2018. Further details about the reorganization will be disclosed at an unspecified future date, Daiichi Sankyo stated in a statement.

“ We expect the integration from the venture spirit of Asubio Pharma into other Daiichi Sankyo research activities to contribute greatly to enhancing R& D productivity, ” the company added.

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