Germany’s XCell Center was forced out of business earlier this year when German regulators called for a shutdown in the wake of multiple serious adverse events, including the death of an infant. The company’s assets are now in receivership, or would be, if the directors hadn’t “disposed of” them already. Maybe XCell’s former patients victims can petition the Center’s millionaire backers Pawan Seth and Andre Stamm for refunds. In the meantime, the bankruptcy administrator in charge of the cleanup may be able to help those seeking copies of their medical records.

You can almost see the dollar (euro) signs flashing in his eyes

XCell’s disgraced CEO Cornelis Kleinbloesem has not let his spectacular failures in business or medicine slow him down – he has leaped back into the saddle and galloped to Switzerland next door, conveniently out of the reach of both German and EU authorities (even better, it appears that the actual injections are done in Beirut). His latest venture, Cells4Health (which has actually been around for several years, but remained in the shadow of XCell), doesn’t go into too much detail on its website as to how its injections of “stem cells” could possibly benefit patients suffering from a whole gamut of devastating medical conditions ranging from autism to liver disease to spinal cord injury to osteoarthritis, but it does have a price list, for those of us keeping score. And, to make sure they don’t miss any markets, they have FeelFit and LookFit “anti-aging” packages at 7500 euros a pop for healthy people who want to risk their lives in pursuit of an implausible outcome.