It’ s fun and useful for me to learn about the visitors of this blog in terms of who they are and what their interests have been in terms of the types of posts that I do.

Here are the results of two recent reader studies that I did to get this kind of information. Both polls got 162 and 192 responses, respectively.

Before I get to discussing the results, I also incorporated a prize/raffle element to this survey whereby I would select one winner out of the participants who would receive a stem cell t-shirt, and signed copies of my two books, Stem Cells: An Insiders Guide and GMO Sapiens .

And the winner of the random sketching is Josephine “ Jo” Bowles, Senior Lecturer on the School of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Queensland, Australia.

Congratulations, Jo!

Alright, now to the results.

Who are you?

The very first survey asked you all about your backgrounds. Exactly  half  of you turn out to be scientists with more academic researchers, but additionally quite a few  industry researchers. Many of you are also individuals or patient advocates, with your numbers being about the same because industry scientists. I tried really hard to think of as many varieties of backgrounds as I could for this poll, but even so within fourth place was “ other” in this survey.

One category that in hindsight I should have got included was “ teacher”, but if you answered “ other” in this survey please let me know in the comments what types of backgrounds I missed. The fifth most common selection has been “ Physician”, which doesn’ t surprise. I listen to from doctors regularly that they are readers. I was surprised to not see more journalists showing up in this survey since they furthermore regularly get in touch about specific posts that they read. Obviously this survey is not scientific and may not be very exact.

What kind of content would you like?

The second survey asked a person all about what kinds of blog posts here on the Niche that you like probably the most. Here again came the challenge for me of what groups to include. The types of posts that are the most work plus frankly pose the greatest risk to me are the ones that will turned out to be the most popular: investigations. People want to know facts and brand new insights about difficult, messy situations. I get it and am try to regularly do those kinds of pieces despite the fact that I’ m so busy, these take more time, and such as I said I always am concerned about risks of being sued or threatened.

Other popular types of content included Newsy items, journal-club like paper reviews, viewpoint pieces and interviews. I was surprised that CRISPR items weren’ t more popular because when I do them I could see in the metrics that they are heavily read, but then again this really is mostly a stem cell blog.

Thanks for doing the survey and please as you read consider including in your voice in the comments.

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