The Patient Profile of a Very Active Athlete

John was a 60-year-old healthy avid skier when this individual came to see me for a consultation to consider stem cellular therapy to treat his painful right knee. The patient’ s original injury took place while playing high school soccer at which time he tore his ACL. He retrieved from the initial injury but never went on to have the ACL reconstructed.

John spent his entire mature life as a die-hard athlete participating in numerous competitive sports activities. He played tournament tennis, water-skied, snow skied up to 80 days per season and played equally as several competitive rounds of golf every year.

Conventional Treatments Tried

He dealt with his prolonged knee pain and swelling throughout all of these years using a combination of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, staying in top fitness, icing frequently, occasional steroid injections and pure toughing it away.

I had helped to care for John throughout some of his more intense injuries, which included a back disc herniation, that he recovered from, in full, after a number of spinal injections and a minimally invasive microdiscectomy. In 2012, I had formed a long discussion with John about his ongoing leg pain and severe arthritis.

Considering Originate Cells for the Arthritic Knee

I told him at that time, that if he didn’ t do something in order to limit the ongoing damage and positively affect their degenerative knee he was going to need to replace the mutual or give up many of the activities he enjoyed. We had a comprehensive discussion about the risks and benefits of undergoing an autologous fat-derived stem cell procedure in combination with PRP therapy. In the long run, he elected to go forward with the stem cell method in November 2012.

Treatment Results in Leg Pain Relief

The stem cellular procedure was carried out without difficulty and John was home in Boulder Colorado the next day. Despite my recommendation to prevent golfing and skiing for 3-4 weeks, the patient had been back on the golf course 3 days after his method. John saw steady improvement in his pain and spectacular decreases in the joint swelling which continued to improve 30 days after month.

Three months following the procedure the sufferer sent me a text stating that he had just completed 3 days of skiing and had covered over 100, 500 vertical feet. He reported that he had little in order to no discomfort and more importantly he had required no post-skiing icing to diminish his typical swelling. He suggested this procedure was ready for prime time.

Followup PRP Treatment

In 2014, John went through an additional PRP injection at the end of the ski season, on my recommendation, as a prophylactic maintenance measure for the health of the particular joint. Aside from this injection John maintained an active gym-based exercise regime and stretching routine.

Back to Energetic Skiing, Away from Icing

In mid-January 2017, I received another note from John stating which he had recently spent five consecutive days skiing in Vail during which time he had skied 180, 000 vertical ft and he had required no icing on the knee; something which he couldn’ t remember being able to do in the past two decades.

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