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Just one word: placentas. Can biotech Celularity live up to big hype?

Share this: I’ve been blogging about stem cells now for about 8 years and the recent level of hype about and fluffy media coverage of Celularity, the biotech spun out of Celgene, ranks right up here with the most extreme past cases I’ve seen. What is Celularity and who is its leadership? It’s a new biotech focused on placental stem cells with some familiar, well-known leaders including Bob Hariri and Peter Diamandis, and famous tech names on their board including John Scully and Bill Maris, along with past FDA Commissioner Andrew Von Eschenbach. And this company expresses some big aspirations...

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On President’s Day: Dealing with Reality Trump is Threat to Science & Democracy

Share this: On President’s Day, let’s think about our country’s leader, Donald Trump. Do we have to? Yeah, sometimes we do. For the first time in my lifetime, I see the President of the United States as a serious threat to overall science & to our country’s democracy. Trump is not well-acquainted with fact-based reality and that’s a big problem for American scientists and our country as a whole. It isn’t great for our world in general either. Other presidents have made mistakes of many kinds, goofed up on specific policies that relate to science in various ways, and...

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TGIF: Guns, stem cells, science weekends reads & good news

Wakabayashi, et al. Cell Stem Cell Figure 1F Share this: I’ve got some TGIF recommend reads on stem cells, etc, but first, what a week, right? Wakabayashi, et al. Cell Stem Cell Figure 1F We need more action on preventing gun violence. It’s a uniquely American health crisis that doesn’t have to be. There’s no real, common sense reason that gun control can’t reduce mass killings of our kids and others like the latest one in the Florida high school. That kind of gun control won’t interfere with hunting or other legitimate gun ownership. There are clearly going to...

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Pending State Medical Boards Group Report on Stem Cell Clinics Could be Game Changer

Share this: We have a big problem with clinics in the U.S. selling unproven and non-FDA approved stem cell “treatments” to patients and part of the reason in my view why we have this mess today with upwards of 700 such businesses from coast to coast is that regulators including both the FDA and state medical boards haven’t realized the scope of the clinic industry and/or taken proportionate action accordingly. There are signs that this lack of the needed scope of regulatory oversight may be changing for the better at the federal level (we’ll see how that plays out...

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Washington State Bill to Require Unproven Stem Cell Clinics to Post Notices

Charles Murry UW Share this: There’s some also encouraging action at the state level on direct-to-consumer stem cell clinics operating without FDA approval including most recently in Washington State. Professor Charles Murry, UW Last year here in California we passed a bill into law that (1) requires stem cell clinics selling non-FDA approved therapies to post notices for patients and (2) instructs the state medical board to keep track of the situation. Democratic Senator and Dr. Ed Hernandez was the sponsor. More recently Republican lawmakers in the Florida State legislature sponsored a bill aiming to go much further with clinic...

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