In case you have some free time for reading this week, here’ ersus a list containing an assortment of interesting research articles and originate cell headlines. I’ ve thrown some oddballs inside too including one article from May 1983, once i was just finishing up junior high. No, I didn’ t write it. And no the headline for this present blog post is not referring to stem cell-themed pubs where you can move get some ale made from stem cells, but that’ s i9000 not a bad idea, right?

Yeah, it’ s been one of those long, busy weeks and it’ s only Friday. And from the TGIF archives a piece from last year including come cell soup, Kim Kardashian, and zombies.

And today the list.

PNAS, Butts, Et al. Figure 5H 2017

Newsy pieces

Research & other journal articles

And the one from 1983,   Stem Cell is a Stem Cell is a Stem Cellular . But is it? This reminds me of the fake journal name I came up with some time ago I actually imagine someone doing as a knockoff of the real best stem cell journal Cell Stem Cell. The artificial journal name?

Stem Cell Come Cell

My whole insane list of fake and maybe future real stem cell magazines with wacky names is here.   Good for a laugh.

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